Report a lost item

If you lost an item, you don't need to report it to ReturnMe or do anything. If someone finds it and reports it to ReturnMe we will contact you via email so make sure your email address is up to date and emails from are part of your safe list.

If you would like to report your item lost you may do so by following these quick steps.

If you had ACTIVATED your ReturnMe tag on your lost item:

1) Log into your ReturnMe account

2) Click on Manage My ReturnMe Tags

3) Locate the ID# of the tag you would like to Report as lost in the list of tags shown. Once you locate the ID# of the tag you want to report as lost, click on Edit at the left.

4) This will take you to the detailed screen about the tag. Here, you can click on Report Lost and you will be able to submit a Lost Item report for this item. Once here, fill out your information and click on submit. ReturnMe will create a ticket and if we receive any information about your item we will contact you right away.

 If you had forgotten to activate your ReturnMe recovery tag:

1) Please click on the following link and fill in the form with a detailed description of your lost item

2) Once someone contacts ReturnMe having found a lost item with the same description as was originally provide by you, we’ll contact you right away to confirm if the item found does belong to you or not. 

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