How to add a reward for an item

ReturnMe handles getting a reward to the finder of a lost item once we confirm that the owner has retrieved the item. Owners are encouraged to add a reward as well; this is totally voluntary and up to you. It is the responsibility of the owners to handle any payments for this extra reward - ReturnMe does not involve itself with the payment of this extra reward.

Setting an extra reward will allow finders of your lost item to be further encouraged to return your item knowing that an extra reward would come their way for finding and returning your item. 

To add a reward for the retrieval of your item, please follow these instructions:

1) Log into your ReturnMe account by logging into your account at using your e-mail on your account and your password.


2) Click on Manage My ReturnMe Tags:

3) You will see a list of all the tags and items that they are protecting in your account. Locate the ID# of the tag you would like to update the description of in the list of tags shown

4) Click on the Edit button on the LEFT of the TAG ID #

5) Update the Offer Cash Reward (Optional) field as you wish and then click on Save.

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