I can't activate my Recovery Tag

When activating your ReturnMe Recovery Tag - make sure you are entering the ID# which is on the visible part of your mobile tag (sticker) or on the back of your keytag/luggage tag. A ReturnMe ID# usually is a mix of numbers and letters and may look something like the following ID#: 12345AB.

  1. If you are having trouble activating your tag/ID code please double check the tag ID# and make sure the one that was entered is correct. Here are a few commonly confused letters/numbers:
    • The letter O and the number
    • The letter i/I and the letter l/L 
    • The letter E and the number 3
    • The letter A and the number 4
    • The letter B and the number 8
    • The letter and the number 2
    • The letter and the number 5
  2. Log into your ReturnMe account. Once there, click on Manage My ReturnMe Tags and make sure you haven’t previously activated the tag. It could be that you or someone else activated this tag on your behalf.
  3. If you have complete steps 1 -2 and are still having trouble activating your tags/ID codes, please submit a request including your ID#(s) you are attempting to activate in the comment and one of our Customer Service Agents will contact you shortly!
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    Kent watson

    One of the tags that I recieved from CAA says that it is already activated but i did not do that. Please advise the tag I'd is 15894CE

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