What is the ReturnMe Digital Tag App?

The ReturnMe Digital Tag App was launched in early 2016 by ReturnMe. This ground-breaking initiative allows mobile phone users to create their own personalized recovery tag for lock screens of their mobile devices. 

Once you create your Digital Tag (which takes less than a minute), you get your very own unique ID code, a RETURNME FOR REWARD message showing our toll-free number and website - all visible on your lock screen.

If you ever misplace your mobile device, the first thing the finder sees on your Lock Screen is the ReturnMe recovery banner which clearly states: RETURNME FOR REWARD. Finders can then contact ReturnMe recovery agents 24/7, 365 days a year using the information on your lock screen's recovery banner.

Once our agents identify you as the owner, we notify you by email and call you to arrange the return of your mobile device from the finder. We can also ship your device back to you FREE of charge anywhere in the world!

Once we’ve confirmed that you have retrieved your device, ReturnMe then rewards the finder with an online gift certificate to be redeemed at http://www.returnmetags.com

For more information on the ReturnMe Digital Tag APP visit http://www.returnmeapp.com

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