Will my current StuffBak labels still work?

StuffBak tags were completely covered until June 30, 2015 - regardless of your original StuffBak coverage status.

Despite that fact, ReturnMe will continue to honor StuffBak tags until January 2019 - at that point both the stuffbak.com website and the toll-free number for StuffBak recovery tags will be discontinued.

During this time, StuffBak tags will be serviced on a pay-per-retrieval basis, meaning that if a recovery happens, you will be charged $35 plus shipping and administrative fees.

To avoid these fees and any potential loss of coverage, we encourage all Stuffbak customers to purchase new ReturnMe tags with a discount of 35% on all ReturnMe products by using voucher code STUFFBAK at checkout. This is the best option, because StuffBak's old toll-free number and the stuffbak.com website will only be maintained until 2019, and ReturnMe recovery tags will have our correct contact information.

You can choose to renew your ReturnMe Account, however this will not change the toll-free number on your recovery tags and for that reason we strongly suggest purchasing ReturnMe recovery tags with the STUFFBAK voucher code for 35% off your order.

Upgrade to the ReturnMe recovery tags, activate the tags and RELAX! You'll forget you even have the tags protecting your valuables until we tell you someone found one of your lost item. For more information please see how it works.

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