What is the reward and who pays for it?

Once we have confirmed that an item protected by ReturnMe has been safely returned to the owner, we will reward the finder with a gift pack of ReturnMe products found at ReturnMeTags.com. This is done by ReturnMe and you don't need to worry about paying it, it's part of the service that you have purchased. Finders appreciate the reward of ReturnMe products because they've seen the service work for you and can now protect their own valuables.

ReturnMe issues an online voucher for $10 for customers on the Bronze plan, $40 for those on the Silver plan, and $60 for those on the Gold Plan. For more information on our different membership plans, please visit our Membership page.

You may also chose to give an additional reward (monetary, gift etc.) to the finder, however this is completely optional and at your discretion.


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