How do I order more ReturnMe recovery tags?

Since 2007, ReturnMe has returned over 1,000,000 items such as cell phones, keys, wallets, laptops and sunglasses! We also protect pets like your cats and dogs.

If you're looking to protect another one of your items or pets, please follow these instructions to order more recovery tags:

1. Visit our website at and look at the top menu for the Store icon. Click on that to bring you to the main ReturnMe store at


Once there, if you're using a desktop/laptop you should see the following menu, where you can choose the type of item you're looking to protect.

If you are using a mobile device, click on the Menu icon which is at the top left 


This will bring up the menu, where you can choose the type of item you're looking to protect:

Packs are a combination of different ReturnMe recovery tags which combine several recovery tags in convenient packs which offer greater value. 

You can select any recovery tag you want to protect your items. So if you are looking to protect your keys, simply select Keys and you will see our selection of keytags.

You will see different models of recovery tags for each category. As an example, in the Keys section you'll find the Good Vibes Key Collection.

If you select that, you'll see a product page which looks something like this.

You'll notice that each Collection may have different models; you can see in this case there are four of them. Selecting another model will change the picture you see so you can get a better idea of which design you'd like to use.

Once you're fully satisfied with your order, you can continue to check out by selecting your cart at the top:

By clicking on your cart, you will see the list of all items in your cart. Select Check Out to continue your purchase.

The next screen will allow you to enter your payment information and shipping information. You can also choose to use your PayPal account.

If you have a voucher code you can enter it in the Discount field. 


Once your order is processed, do keep in mind that our shipping takes from 4 to 6 business days within Canada, 7 to 10 business days to the USA, and 12 to 20 business days internationally.

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